Manchester Regiment

The 1st Battalion of the Manchester Regiment left its base at Gibraltar in August 1899, landing at Durban in the middle of the following month. From Durban the battalion went direct of the small railway town of Ladysmith in Natal, then already threatened by the invading Boers. Here they formed part of the heroic garrison of the town. One of the main defences was Caesar’s Camp, which was occupied by the Manchester’s from the beginning of the siege and was the object of three major attacks by the Boers during the siege.

The 2nd Battalion was constantly employed in mobile columns, in guarding the many blockhouses in course of erection and finally in the ‘drives’, which gradually wore down the opposition of the enemy.  

The new Third (Line) Battalion of the Manchester Regiment was raised at Aldershot on the 1 March 1900. On the 2nd January 1901, 18 men left for South Africa to form part of a composite company of mounted infantry; again, on the 6th May 1 officer and 17 other ranks embarked for the war with No. 6 Composite Mounted Infantry Company; No. 7 Company of the same arm took away 1 officer and 32 men from the battalion on the 7 October; a month later a draft of 103 “ other ranks “ embarked for the war; and finally on the 7 February I902 15 men sailed with No. 18 Aldershot Company Mounted Infantry for service at the front.

The names of the men who served in the regiment are listed below

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